Research task 1.1: Artist's sketchbooks

When making my selections for artist’s sketchbooks to research I chose not only ones that I felt drawn to, but also ones that are quite different to each other because I felt this would provide me with more scope and ideas for developing my own. I’ve identified in exercise 1.1 that I want to include my research in my sketchbook rather than separate, so most of my work on this can be found there. The photos below depict this.

Summary of the different ways the artists use their sketchbooks.

David Hockney - Sketching landscapes; personal diaries and visual records of his travels; small fast sketches.

Vincent Van Gogh - Capture impressions of scenes; explore composition and tone; black and white.

Tim Burton - Character design; to record thoughts and ideas.

Nina Cosford - Reportage; notes and sketches; typography

Sofia Moore - Reportage, to explore different media and techniques, to record ideas and thoughts.

Reflection on how this could impact on my use of sketchbooks

David Hockney - I would like to practise small fast sketching as he does, using a few lines to create distance and perspective. The purpose is to quickly get a sense of place and capture atmosphere rather than trying to get a perfect image of it.

Van Gogh - I love the marks he makes, they are so expressive and create such movement. I really want to allow mark making to take more of a centre stage in my work, so I can resist the urge to blend everything to make it look perfect and smooth. Marks give a picture character.

Tim Burton - Record the crazy things that appear in my imagination.

Nina Cosford - I would love to capture more of my life and experiences in my sketchbook as a visual diary. I also think this would help my rapid drawing skills.

Sofia Moore - Am really inspired by her varied use of the same sketchbook. She puts everything into one book and I think this is how I want mine to be. I currently have different sketchbooks for different things but I would really like it all together as one.