Part Five Reflection

It was an aim of mine at the end of Part 4 to start a supporting sketchbook alongside the one for my development work in which I could explore and experiment with new techniques and media.  This worked very well to begin with, with the techniques I had been exploring influencing my work in the exercises. Towards the end of this part though I have struggled for time and ended up using this sketchbook more for trying out techniques specifically for the exercises.  I have a separate sketchbook for drawing people because I still feel this is a weakness. Again, I started well, but have struggled for time in the latter part of Part 5. Although improved, I still feel I am not using sketchbooks as effectively as I want to, which is why I am considering the Illustration Sketchbooks unit as my next one to complete.  

Use of different media and techniques

I have tried out completely new media to me like pan gouache and wax pastels.  I have also explored using these in different ways. The Editorial illustration is an example of using a light touch with the wax pastel while in the packaging exercise I applied heavier pressure and explored blending. I have also tried out using a different coloured paper in the Travel guides exercise.   I have used a lot more pastel in this part, particularly for creating backgrounds and have tried different ways of applying it. I have also started using graphite pencil with colour to create illustrations and this is something I wish to explore further along with the grisaille method of using gouache.  

I have found creating backgrounds difficult in this part.  I would like to do some research into this and then lots of experimentation in order to improve my practice in this area.  

When reflecting on Part 4 I wanted to continue exploring the use of different techniques in the same artwork.  I did this in both illustrations based on the word ‘festival’ for the ‘working for children’ exercise. To create the festival parade I used watercolour, pastel, wax pastel, gouache, coloured pencil and cut paper.  In the festival of lights image I used pen, pastel, watercolour and coloured pencil. It is clear to see that different techniques have been used in both but I don’t think it worked aesthetically. My work since then has still been mixed media but without being obviously so.  I think my style is developing but don’t think it is distinctive yet because I think I am still enjoying exploring and trying out new things.  

One of my areas for development was to continue referring to my research throughout the exercise and I think I have been a lot more mindful of that.  For the final assignment I kept referring to my initial research about the relationship between words and pictures and how to create pace and drama, throughout my development process and into my final artwork.  I have also tried to develop more ideas to provide more choice which I think I particularly demonstrated in the Packaging and travel guides exercises, and through thumbnailing for my final assignment. This development point ‘be brave to think beyond the norm’ is a slightly more difficult one to assess myself on, I think this is something I still need to develop and will probably continue to develop through all my future creative work. To help this development, I’m going to start a sketchbook in which I record my more wacky and unique ideas.