Authorial Practice

Your Own Work

The first part of this exercise required me to look over my previous work and choose pieces that I find aesthetically or conceptually pleasing in their own right and make a gallery of the images. The focus wasn’t purely on finished artworks and didn’t have to be the whole illustration.

The next step was to choose an area of authorial practice that my images might be suitable for.

Decorative Illustration

I think this illustration would be an appropriate design for the greetings and surface patterns industry for a child audience. It could be in the form of cards and wrapping paper but also stationary for children. It could also be used as a surface pattern for soft furnishings like children’s cushions, bedding and curtains. The objects in the image could be rearranged, repeated and re coloured as needed to create the artefact. It could also appropriate for the fashion and accessories market as I can imagine it on children’s t shirts, backpacks and socks. Similar products are shown below.

I thought the flat colour version would also work well and it is this version that I thought I would use to actually produce the artefact. I was unable to remove the background from the cut paper version successfully enough.

I decided to have a t shirt made and this is the result.