Part Four Reflection

It was an aim of mine during part 4 to continue exploring different techniques and media while also developing my style. I explored cut paper in the museum posters and menu card exercises and newspaper collage in the assignment. I also tried gouache and pen to make flat colour. I’ve experimented and made up different techniques such as lifting paint off with cotton bud and making wax crayon rubbings over white pencil imprints. In the character design exercise I explored layering media to create depth in colour.

This part of the course has been very varied with opportunities to respond to completely different briefs. Despite the variation I think I am able to see a style developing, particularly in the actual drawing. Not so much in the way I create the final artwork though, because I have been trying different things. I want to continue exploring and trying out more combinations of media together in Part 5 and hopefully my style will continue to grow.

One of my areas for development from part 3 was to ensure my illustration and graphic design processes work together. The museum poster and children’s book cover exercises were great opportunities for me to practise this and I I think I have improved in this area. I also made more use of Illustrator and Indesign as well as Photoshop to design my outcomes.

I have really enjoyed part 4 and feel I have learnt a lot. I want to take this learning and build on it through Part 5. As I’ve already said there is so much more I want to explore in terms of technique and media. I feel that the more I explore, the more I feel there is to explore! After enjoying the assignment piece so much I would like to experiment more with using completely different techniques in one artwork. I also want to make more use of a sketchbook for exploration in addition to observational drawing alongside my course sketchbook.

I feel that I have started drawing too self consciously, especially when drawing people. I found some character sketches in my first sketchbook and think they are more naturally drawn and resemble poses more accurately than the ones I produced in the character development exercise in this part. I hope to draw free from fear more in Part 5 and will make it a focus of my practice.