Part 3 Reflection.

Over the course of this unit I have definitely challenged myself in terms of my use of digital programs. I have used them to edit, colour, assemble and add text. I still have a lot of learning to do in this area and will continue to develop my use of it, particularly for editing and in context of graphic design. I am continuing to explore the potential of each brief, I found this difficult with the jazz poster, it was such a wonderfully wide brief I could have been exploring possibilities forever! I found that I had to choose a particular area and create a further mini brief on which to focus my work. I don’t feel like I have really started to find my style during this unit because I have stretched myself so much, exploring different styles and digital methods. I think the next unit offers more scope for developing my own style so I look forward to that. I also look forward to experimenting with other techniques such as cut paper, collage and printmaking. From now on I will ensure I see image and text as a joint process rather than viewing the text as an add on and will experiment with using Indesign and Illustrator for design work and adding text.