Black and White

Exercise: Using Black and White

The word I chose for this exercise was ‘building’ because I am drawn to beautiful architecture and think that buildings can make great graphic images. I started by sketching a few different looking buildings to see which might work well graphically in black and white.

I decided against the One World Trade Centre because it would have been too simple for the exercise, as would the Guggenheim. Contrary to this, the Taj Mahal and the more conventional ‘house’ type building are too detailed. I was initially interested by the Atomium because the balls are two tone which I thought would look effective in black and white. However this presented a problem with the background. One part of each ball would blend in or have to have a line around it. I briefly thought about and sketched an interior but didn’t think it would work graphically. So the Chrysler building it was! This is one of my favourite buildings because it love the Art Deco detailing. It was the Art Deco part I wanted to focus on in my image. Below is my line drawing of the top of the Chrysler building.

The brief asked for A3 size. I don’t have an A3 printer so was unable to invert the image on my computer and print it out at home. I tried the photocopier at the library but it didn’t have an invert function but I was able to make some A3 copies. I then cut out the parts I wanted to be black and used as a template on black paper to produce the black shapes needed. I refined the image with use of white for the windows and roof detailing.

I was really happy with the result. The use of black and white has really made the building come to life when compared to the line drawing. It gives it depth, especially in the roof section.

Thinking that there should be something in the background, I toyed with the idea of creating a night sky behind the building. This was a bit of a problem though because the outside line of the building is black meaning it would just merge into the background. To solve this I had the moon shroud it in a glow of light. I don’t like this image as much as the building on its own though.