A Subjective Drawing

The next part of this exercise was to make a subjective drawing of an object. I chose the cushion pictured below and brainstormed adjectives to describe it.

I found it difficult to choose just one adjective as the basis of my idea for the drawing. The cushion is so characterful I felt that choosing just one would mean it’s essence would be lost, however once I settled on ‘shiny’ and started making my moodboard, I found this didn’t need to be the case. Without looking at the cushion but having the visual image of it in my mind, I started looking for and collecting shiny things that were similar colours. The shiny glass frog, shimmery gold paper and pink ribbon were all colours found on the original cushion. But this is a subjective drawing based on the word ‘shiny’ so the colours didn’t need to be the same. I found lots of shiny blues and purples and silvers and added them to the board.

The brief for this exercise was asking me to use colours, textures and materials from my moodboard to translate the line drawing into an image that communicates the word ‘shiny’ so the colours I used are different to the original cushion. I used a mixture of metallic paint, shiny fabric, tin foil and acrylic with lacquered with clear nail varnish. I think I have achieved a shiny look, although it is all dependent on reflection of light so it looks shinier in some lights than others, hence the range of photographs below.

I certainly focused on the word shiny to create my subjective drawing but am not sure if I exaggerated it enough. Perhaps use of foil in place of more of the metallic paint would have achieved more exaggeration.