Words to Pictures

Exercise: Turning words into pictures

I chose ‘kitchen’ as my word to turn into pictures. I think I chose it because I quickly formed lots of mind pictures connected with it. I drew without reference as many things as I could think of connected to the kitchen. The colour yellow featured because it does in my kitchen.

When finished, I noticed that the pictures of the objects are in a similar style creating an organised and uniform feel, much like kitchens have. I think I have created a catalogue of images associated with the word, but I haven’t used a variety of materials, perhaps because kitchens usually have that uniform look about them. I also found adding textures difficult. The main properties of materials coming to mind were hard, smooth and reflective, the tin foil represents two of these.

By choosing the word kitchen, I felt I had limited myself creatively. It conjured immediate images meaning I didn’t need to think more deeply. So I decided to do the exercise again and chose the adjective ‘wild’.

In contrast to the kitchen pictures, these have a much looser, wilder look about them. I was much more carefree in the way I created the images. What I noticed most was the variety of strokes I used, curly, wavy, zigzag, compared with the straight and curved lines used in kitchen. I also used a range of materials and created the look of different textures.