Edward Bawden's Characters

It wasn’t just architecture that Edward Bawden represented in his illustrative work. In his work for companies such as Fortnum and Mason and Penguin he draw many humorous characters, both human and animal, often with the animals in human like poses. His work on Aesop’s fables (example far right) was imaginative and amusing. The same wizardry and simplicity of line is evident in his depictions of people and animals.

I used a mindmap to explore ideas for further exploration and chose the two images below (My Cat Wife and The Travelling Kangaroo) as inspiration.

Below are sketches made and characters created in my exploration of line to depict basic form of faces as Bawden has achieved in the artworks above.

This process really gave me an understanding of the main features and form in a human face and I was able to then experiment with this to create different characters.

For my drawing in the style of Edward Bawden I wanted to produce a humorous linocut similar to ‘The Travelling Kangaroo’ as I think it incorporates the styles and skills I have been practising. Below are initial sketches.

Above are my linocuts entitled 'It’s Me or Him’. This is the order I printed them in, gradually adding more ink and applying more pressure. My favourite is the third because it shows the details clearly but still has some of the dappled effect which I like. This was much more intricate than my first linocut of the building and I feel my skill has improved.