Assignment 1: Say hello

I made a mind map about myself, my interests and inspirations. From that mind map I made an initial sketch. It was quite narrative based and so is my final piece. If someone asks me to draw myself, I will draw myself as Red Riding Hood, I have even made it my logo in the past. I am on a quest to move from the dark to light, from fear to love and find spending time being at peace and at one with nature helps this journey and also inspires me creatively. I also see my creative journey going from dark to light, from being too scared to pursue a dream to getting myself on the path towards it. I have included a few things I have mild obsessions about! I would love to have a pet crow and love anything with a pointy hat. The piece shows the materials I enjoy working with and I think it also reflects some of the exploration I have completed during unit 1. It is mixed media, using watercolour, pencil, pastel and pen.

This is my original sketch from my mind map and sketchbook pages where I was exploring techniques. I originally intended to create bushes using leaf printing but once I started and had put the woods and back layer of grass in, I decided it wouldn’t work with the rest of the style.


Once I had completed my initial spider diagram for this piece, (not shown here due to being personal) an image formed in my mind which I did a quick sketch of. I then immediately began to proceed with exploring techniques and materials. As I said in my refection for the getting the gist exercise, this is something I tend to do but it is really limiting my options for composition and content. In my future work I am going to explore each subject in more depth and make more use of thumbnails to conjure a broader spectrum of compositional ideas.

Moving forward my tutor has suggested I start experimenting with size and scale. I usually work at A4 size so this will definitely develop me and give me the opportunity to be more free and expressive in my strokes. She has also suggested use of digital techniques. I have a basic understanding of illustrator and photoshop, of how to use layers etc. but currently find working on scanned drawing difficult because my understanding of using paths is limited. I actually prefer hand created artwork to look at, so as an illustrator will probably stay ‘analogue’ but not wanting to be accused of contempt prior to investigation, I will have a go! In addition to this though, I would still like to keep exploring materials. I am keen to have a go with oil pastels, develop my use of acrylics and delve more into collage and printmaking. I will also continue drawing from observation and researching other illustrators.