The Key is Communication

Exercise: Getting the Gist

For this exercise I needed to choose an article and highlight words and phrases central to conveying the meaning of the text and then jot down words that summarise the content overall. From this distilled information I was to create an illustration. I decided to choose subject matter that would challenge me as an illustrator rather than stay in my comfort zone. I found the words that resulted were quite difficult to illustrate and I was worried about creating a stereotypical or clichéd image. I think at this point I started to lose mojo for this piece which is evident in the illustration which actually isn’t finished. When I first posted this exercise here on my learning log, I didn’t write a reflection. This has been a real learning curve though because being an illustrator is about solving problems, and I will come across briefs that challenge me or don’t excite me as much as others but it will be my job to find an answer.

After receiving feedback from my tutor, and from starting Part 2, I have realised that more idea gathering through spider diagrams and more thumbnails would certainly have helped me. I need to move from letting ideas swirl around in my head to getting them down on paper. Often, once I get one idea, I picture the image in my head, then that is what I create. However this means that I am limited in composition choices. I am definitely going to use more thumbnail sketches to generate a broader range of ideas in the future. This will also help develop my understanding of hierarchy.