Assessment Piece 8 continued - Text and Image: Packaging (revisited)


My reason for choosing this exercise to refine before submitting for assessment was because the tutor feedback received gave me the opportunity to further develop my digital skills. I was asked to consider what I wanted the consumer to see first and use this when refining my designs, thinking about contrast between the character and product name with a more dramatic change of scale. When looking back at my original designs, I could see they featured both the character and the product name quite small with a lot of ‘dead’ background space.

I taught myself different techniques in photoshop to refine my original designs and address the issue of visual impact and hierarchy. I also used it to replace the wishy washy backgrounds with bright flat colour ones on which the product name would stand out more clearly.

I found it difficult to choose whether I wanted the product name or character to be what I wanted the consumer to see first. In the end I chose the character because it will catch the eye of the child, but also the adult, making them think “Oh …. will like these.” Although I wanted the character centre stage, I also thought it important to make the product name more prominent so I made the sign much bigger in all three designs. In the T Rex design, I think that the product name is actually what catches the eye first. The T Rex is as big as I could make him due to the wheelbarrow so depth of field isn’t as effective as it could be. In the diplodocus, the character is definitely at the top of the hierarchy due to more depth. I think the pterodactyl is the weakest of the three designs because of his position in the air rather than properly in the foreground.