About Briony Dixon

About Me

I’m Briony Dixon and I am studying for an Illustration degree with the Open College of the Arts.  I have spent my life being enchanted by picture books.  I love to fritter away hours in children’s departments in bookshops or libraries and am always on the lookout for vintage versions of picture books in charity bookshops.  I once bought five copies of my favourite book ‘The Story of Frog Belly Ratbone’ by Timothy Basil Ering because I learned it was out of print and couldn’t bear the thought of ever being without a copy.  

About Briony Dixon

Early love for reading and writing

A penchant for reading was seeded when I was very young and has continued to grow ever since.  Not only could I be found engrossed in books, but also in writing plays in which I commandeered my sister and next door neighbour as the cast, probably against their wishes!  The play that forms the strongest memory was one about Bill the Burglar.  I can’t remember the plot but I can clearly picture the programme I wrote and illustrated for the audience (our parents). 

About Briony Dixon

Inspiring children's reading

There was only one name I was ever going to give my daughter.  Meg.  Named after the witch in the Meg and Mog books. My love for visual literacy was successfully passed on to her as we whiled away hours sharing picture books.  

I appreciate the beauty and magical power picture books have in taking children on exciting adventures and absorbing them in different worlds.  

It is my dream to write and illustrate my own picture books.  I have created and self published my own picture book 'Sleuths, Snoops and Surprises' but I feel that that is just the start of my journey.  I had been craving proper tuition in illustration hence my enrolment with the OCA. This website is now dedicated to my adventure as I immerse myself in my studies.